3 Different Cleaning Options That Dry Cleaners Choose to Clean Your Branded Clothes

You love to buy branded clothes and tend to delicate them for yourself, don’t you? Great! But, one thing that may be surprising you the most about your expensive items is getting them dry-cleaned, wet-cleaned or spot-cleaned every time you want to see them fresh and clean. Let’s get insights into all the three options practiced by professional dry-cleaning service providers.

1. Wet Clean

As, you know, wet-clean is the most common way of washing clothes. The process involves immersing garments into water with detergents and other additives to clean cleaning the clothes and other household items such as comforters and bedspreads, bedsheets, pillow covers or bedsheet covers. You do this yourself, right?

Just like you wash your clothes at home, dry-cleaners use latest machine to remove water from the clothes in a spinning process. Once done, the clothes are removed from the washer and placed in a dryer or hanged up to dry inside the dry cleaning plant. After that, the clothes are taken to the finishing area for steaming and pressing. Once everything is done, the your clothes are given back to you.

2. Dry Clean

You would be surprised to know that dry cleaning is not a dry process as you believe. It involves immersing a garment in a grease dissolving solvent. For a dry wash, the laundry experts use detergents and otheringredients. They include them with dry cleaning solvent for the best results.

A dry cleaning service provider has modern cleaning equipment that we don’t have at our home. This computer-controlled machine needs solvent and detergents to clean the clothes. It tumbles when cleaning the garments. The cleaning process involves removing, the solvents from the machine, filtering and internally cleaning.

The dry cleaning machine tumbles dry the clothes and remove them for finishing and steaming process. Once done, the clothes are delivered to you.

3. Spot Clean

The laundry cleaning company also offers dry-clean services. It involves identifying stains and spots before cleaning. Then the clothes are either wet cleaned or dry cleaned. The process intakes pre-spot the garments, and then dry cleaning or wet cleaning, depending the type of spots or stains – whether they are greasy stains, non-greasy stains or combination stains.

4. Wrapping Up

Dry Cleaners today come equipped with different types of machines and tools to make the cleaning process easier, quicker and more effective. They have more knowledge and resources for cleaning any type of fabrics. Since you tend to buy branded clothes, it’s good to always dry-washed or wet-washed your clothes at a reputed and popular laundry service providers.