5 Simple Steps on How DrycleanersWash Silk Clothes

Silk is a beautiful and luxurious fabric. It is delicate and a key element of everyone’s wardrobes for centuries. Despite its charming appearance andnatural tendency to release dirt quickly, it’s not fairly easy to clean. It should be handled with careto maintain its quality. However, washing silk fabrics haven’t to be difficult if you choose to have it washed in a laundry expert.

Below are five handy steps on how drycleaners wash silk clothes.

Step #1 Colour-fastness test

According to laundry service providers in Noida, first step involves carrying out a color-fastness test on an inconspicuous area of the clothes. Usually, the sensitive areas are pressed with the wet white towel to make sure if any color runs from the silk. If color remains on the towel, the silk cloth is not hand washed. It should be given to a professional dry cleaning service provider.

Step #2 Spotting and Treating Stains

One finding the color-fastness test successful, move forward to spot and treat stains. Experts are of the view that blotting the stains with cool water and dabbing liquid detergent powder are the ways to go to keep the quality of your silk clothes. It’s advisable to conduct the stain removal test on a small area of the garment first.

Step #3 Removing That Smell

Dry cleaners pay proper attention to the silk garment. To remove the smell, they use scented vinegar. The cloth is pre-soaked for 30 minutes in tepid water with scented vinegar. This step helps get rid of bad smell as well as cultivate the benefits of white vinegar that smells good.

Step #4 Keeping Wrinkle-Free

While washing the silk fabrics, experts strive for keeping them wrinkle-free. They use steam for this, which you can’t do while washing the clothes at your home. Steam removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the natural lustre after washing. This gives the perfect finish! Laundry service providers have a steamer to achieve this.

Step #5 Allow it to air dry

Hang the wet silk garment and allow it to air dry. Remember experts don’t choose to hang any silk garment direct in the sun. Put them to dry in a shadow area. When necessary, iron the clothes. A cool iron with a press cloth between the fabric and the iron can be an ideal way of ironing.

Final Thought

Since silk clothes are more sensitive than other fabric, one needs to take utmost care to maintain them. It’s advisable to take the garment to professional dry cleaners for risk-free and quality washing service.