Mastering dry cleaning

High quality clothing care - for everything in your closet!
Have your clothes dry cleaned using eco-friendly chemicals in six simple steps:

  • 1. Pick a pack

    Specify the kind of clothes you want dry cleaned right on the app - such as dresses, suits, and more.

  • 2. Schedule pickup

    See the scheduled time slots as per your location, and select the one most convenient for you!

  • 3. Ring ring!

    We'll drop by and collect your clothings, as per the slot you've picked. We're punctual, so wait by the door!

  • 4. We sort

    Your clothes get sorted into batches based on colour and cloth material, ensuring high quality cleaning.

  • 5. We clean

    We use organic, environment-friendly chemicals to give your clothes the care they deserve!

  • 6. We Deliver

    Get your clothes back within 48 hours - freshly laundered, smelling wonderful, and healthier than ever!

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A leap towards eco-cleaning

At Masterclean, our focus is on convenience, luxury, and comfort for the user. To consistently ensure these, we use equipment that is top-notch, chemicals that are environment-friendly and good for your skin, processes that are optimized for efficiency, and skilled staff that loves to serve their customers.

Our mix of wet cleaning and hydrocarbon dry cleaning saves huge amounts of water and energy, while almost completely eliminating harmful compound discharge into the environment.

The distillation process of our Italian machines is unique in the way it recycles 95% of all chemicals, so that they can be used for the next round!

Renzacci dry-cleaning machine

Masterclean - The cleaning touch

  • The pinnacle of green dry cleaning

    As pioneers in hygiene-conscious dry cleaning and laundry, Masterclean uses eco-friendly hydrocarbons that ensure that your clothes stay healthy.

  • Technology of tomorrow

    Our dry cleaning machines boast the Italian pedigree of Renzacci technology - ensuring quality standards that are unmatched globally.

  • More time to you!

    You're spending 500+ hours a year washing, drying, and ironing your clothes! Let Masterclean take over, and save you colossal amounts of time and money!

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Pocket-friendly pricing

Laundry and Dry-cleaning for men, women, and household decor - done and delivered within 48 hours! With service as great and prices as low, you'll never need another laundry or dry-cleaning service again!

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* 15% Service Tax extra

Here are three more very affordable reasons why you'll love to have us as your dry cleaning service!

  • Standard

    ₹2000 per month
    • Cashback: 10%
    • Total amount added:
    • ₹2200
  • Silver

    ₹3000 per month
    • Cashback: 15%
    • Total amount added:
    • ₹3450
  • Best choice


    ₹5000 per month
    • Cashback: 20%
    • Total amount added:
    • ₹6000

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We try to make using Masterclean as simple as possible!

How do I register and place my first order?
Please download the app for your mobile (android and iOS) from the website. Once you’ve installed the application in your phone, you can create an account, and request a pick up based on your location.
At Masterclean, we employ an in-house team of highly skilled staff that make sure your clothes get the care they deserve! Once our pick-up personnel picks up the clothes from you, they are brought to our laundry center, where they are sorted and tagged for easy identification and processing. If there are any special instructions, we make sure they are complied with, otherwise, they go through our standardized dry cleaning and packaging procedures. At every step of the process, we strive to deliver a quality of service that is unmatched!
You can write to us at our email: or use the following numbers to reach us:
Absolutely! You can convey any special instructions you have while requesting the pick up on your app, or even when our pick-up personnel collects the clothes.
Our minimum order requirement is Rs. 300.
All your clothes will be freshly dry-cleaned and ironed at your doorstep within 48 hours of pick up. If you’re in an urgency, you can use our express delivery which cuts down the delivery time to 24 hours.
We work all 7 days of the week from 9 am to 9 pm.
No, the prices quoted are all inclusive, except for 15% service tax. There are no cancellation fees.
All our pickups happen at a scheduled time based on your area zone. For example, we visit specific areas at pre-specified times for pick up every day. We deliver them at a scheduled time 48 hours later. However, if you have missed our scheduled pick-up in that area, or do not want to wait 48 hours, you can request an express pick-up, which will cut down your processing time to 24 hours, and allows you to request a pick-up and delivery time based on your convenience. The service costs you twice the normal price for the laundry or drycleaning of that item.
At MasterClean, we use nothing but the best. We use Renzacci Machines, that provide high quality hydrocarbon drycleaning for everything in your closet. We use SEITZ liquid and powder detergents which are DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. The chemicals we use slow down the ageing of your clothes without harming the environment.
Yes, you can pay our delivery personnel while collecting your cleaned clothes.
All discounts and vouchers available will be shown to you in the app. You can use the code for your preferred scheme, and apply it before checking out.
Yes. You can contact customer care to initiate a refund.
You can cancel the order anytime before the pick-up personnel collects the clothes from the pick-up location. There are no cancellation charges levied. If the order is prepaid, the amount will be refunded to your wallet. For more details, please see the T&Cs.