Bookings/ Orders

You can schedule a pickup through our website or by directly contacting our store executive on desired store number.

You can write us at info@masterclean.in or get in touch with us through our helpline number +918010164164.

In case of urgency you can choose for our express service where your garments will be ready to be collected/delivered within 24 hours from the date of receiving. This service will cost you twice the price than normal.

We accept payments through Credit/Debit Card, Paytm, Bank Transfer or directly by cash at the time when garments are picked from store or delivered at your doorstep.

Process/ Quality

Our highly integrated procedure involves continuous monitoring of solvent temperature thus reducing stress on garments in terms of heat and solvent extraction from the fiber thereby increasing the life span of the garment.

Each garment that we receive is first identified and distinguished based on specific customer, which is then inspected for any kind of damage or knowledge that must be shared with the customer before processing. Afterwards, as per wash care label instructions mentioned on each garment, they go for spotting to remove individual hard stains if any before garments are dry cleaned. Once garments are completely processed they go through a final quality check and ironing before it is ready to be delivered.

Any special instruction for your garment can be given to us at the time of handover of your garments to our pick-up personnel or physically at store.

Our turn around time ranges between 48-72 hrs from the date of receiving to delivery of your garments.